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The Sennheiser HD 450SE is a great pair of headphones for those who want to hear their favorite music in the clearest way possible. They feature high-quality components that maximize fidelity and sound clarity, as well as an easily adjustable headband and ear cups to fit any user size. An inline mic allows you to take calls without having to remove your headphone while they stay securely on during all activity so they won’t fall out of your ears even when running or jumping into action. The design also includes soft fabric pads which provide comfortability over long listening sessions compared with other stereo headphones I’ve used before like my old Sony MDR V6’s!

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Features of Sennheiser HD 450SE

Reviews & Ratings of Sennheiser HD 450SE

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The Sennheiser HD 450SE is a lightweight, closed-back over-ear headphone that provides high resolution audio and balanced sound. It is perfect for use with portable music players such as the iPod nano or iPhone 3G/3Gs
I found 24 customer reviews at the time of writing and they had awarded the Sennheiser HD 450SE 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
This model scores particularly well in terms of comfortability, durability and value for money but does not perform so well when it comes to noise cancellation or bass levels which are both quite low compared to other models from this range. Other customers said, “Great headphones!”and “No complaints here!”and finally, “A great buy.”
That makes it easy for me to recommend the Sennheiser HD 450SE as well considering its good features across all areas except those two specific points listed above.,


The Sennheiser HD 450SE are primarily used for professional audio applications, but they make a great pair of headphones if you’re not looking to spend too much money. They have excellent sound quality and an active noise-cancelling microphone with the headphone’s on/off button.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are the Sennheiser 450BT worth it?

A: The Sennheiser 450BT headphones are a great set of headphones, but they are not the best option for everyone. They have a lot of features that may be too complicated for some people to use, and they also have a high price tag. However, if youre looking for something that has a lot of features and is well-built, then these are definitely worth checking out.

Is the Sennheiser worth buying?

A: The Sennheiser is a good headset for the price, but its not worth buying if you can afford to spend more.

Where is Sennheiser 450BT made?

A: Sennheiser 450BT is made in Germany.

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