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Naxa Electronics NPB-273 Review. The Naxa Electronics NPB-273 is a small boombox with lots of features and some truly impressive sound – it’s not just for kids! When I was looking to get a new portable speaker, the first thing that caught my eye was this attractive little box…

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Features of Naxa Electronics NPB-273

Reviews & Ratings of Naxa Electronics NPB-273

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The Naxa Electronics NPB-273
is a sound system for your car. The speaker has amazing volume, and it’s also really nice looking
It’s not just about the looks though; this model comes with a USB port in order to charge up any devices you plug into it – even from your car. It provides an AC power cord so that you can use it out of the vehicle as well
This product has received 4.3 stars on Amazon, which are mostly positive because there were only 2 reviews left at the time of writing this review; one was negative but very short
I’ve decided to give them four stars instead
because I think they deserve such high praise!


The Naxa Electronics NPB-273 is a high performance boombox that was designed and created to deliver amazing sound. The speaker of this product is 8 Watts, so in order to achieve the maximum volume possible you may need additional speakers or an amplifier. The display on the front of the device includes LEDs for power and alarm settings as well as indicating when it’s playing your favorite music track. This item also has Bluetooth capabilities which allows you to connect wirelessly with other devices such as your phone or tablet.,Naxa Electronics NPB-273 Features: Plays CDs, Uses 3D Stereo Sound Technology

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