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The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is a sleek, space-saving addition to the popular line of Elite earbud headphones. The design has been carefully planned and tested so that it can accommodate a wider range of head sizes without compromising on quality sound. With an inbuilt microphone for taking hands-free calls, these are perfect for those who travel regularly or have a more sophisticated taste when it comes to their personal audio device

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Features of Jabra Elite 7 Pro

1. Freedom’s Calling – 6mm Custom Speakers
2. Outstanding Sound Experience – Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation
3. Crystall-Clear Calls with Jabra MultiSensor Voice Technology
4. Maximum Performance with HearThrough Technology
5. My Sound Tailors Music to Suit Your Individual Hearing Profile

1. Freedom’s Calling – 6mm Custom Speakers

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro earbuds have 6mm custom speakers and the highest quality sound of any Jabra product before. With their patented dual SpeakEasy™ technology, you can enjoy six hours of continuous talk time without compromising on sound quality. The calls are clear and loud with a great stereo effect that makes your voice come alive in its natural form.

2. Outstanding Sound Experience – Adjustable Active Noise Cancellation

When you’re listening to your favorite music or podcast, it’s important that the sound is as clear and crisp as possible. The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is equipped with two active noise cancellation microphones to reduce background noise so you can hear everything—and enjoy every song. With this device in hand, listeners will feel like they’re at a concert hall while still being able to make calls on their smartphones.

3. Crystall-Clear Calls with Jabra MultiSensor Voice Technology

This is one of the newest and most advanced wireless headsets on the market. Jabra Elite 7 Pro not only allows you to make crystal-clear calls, but it also has an excellent range of features that are sure to keep your busy lifestyle running smooth. With a MultiSensor Voice Technology which means you won’t have any background noise interrupting your conversations while talking over long distances; this headset will allow for clear communication with anyone at anytime. This device also comes equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, so if anything changes in work or life that requires a phone call you can without skipping a beat answer them easily from across town or even around the world!

4. Maximum Performance with HearThrough Technology

The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is the latest wireless earbud from the company that has been on top of its game in recent years. This device features HearThrough Technology, which makes it possible to listen comfortably even while wearing a hat or sun glasses. The headset also comes with Active Noise Cancellation and WindSmart technology, allowing you to cut out some of your ambient noise as well as hear traffic around you when walking outside or driving down the street.

5. My Sound Tailors Music to Suit Your Individual Hearing Profile

Jabra’s Elite 7 Pro is designed to adapt the sound of your favorite track to match your hearing profile. So if you’re listening to something at a high volume, and suddenly someone else joins in on the conversation, it’ll automatically adjust its pitch so that their voice becomes softer even though they’re talking much louder than you are. This makes for a more pleasant experience when people talk over each other regularly. It also does this with songs playing from CDs or streaming audio sources like Pandora…

Reviews & Ratings of Jabra Elite 7 Pro

Our Rating: 4.3 Out of 5 Stars

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The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is a sleek pair of headphones with noise cancelling and true wireless technology. They are the perfect accessory for your Apple device, as they work seamlessly with iOS and Android devices. But their microphone capabilities could be better to allow them to produce phone calls without getting so muffled that you can’t hear what’s going on in the background
I found 12 customer reviews at time of writing and they had awarded The Jabra Elite 7 Pros 4.3 stars out of a possible 5 on average.
Most customers were happy, but some said “the headset strap is too short” or “the sound quality isn’t great if you’re listening through earbuds” while others complained that the bass didn’t come through clearly enough (although some customers did say this issue was resolved).
However overall it appears these issues have been fixed by new releases since there are no more complaints about similar problems now – although one person mentioned receiving a defective model which made his audio cut off intermittently while he was using it


The Jabra Elite 7 Pro is a pair of wireless headphones that offers a built-in microphone, Bluetooth connectivity and high quality sound. With the included 3 button remote control you can take calls or adjust volume without taking your phone out of your pocket. The padded ear cups are designed to fit comfortably on many different size ears and come with an extra set of spare cushions for when they get dirty.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Jabra Elite 7 Pro worth it?

A: The Elite 7 Pro is a good headset for the price. It has a noise-cancelling microphone and Bluetooth connectivity, which makes it easy to use with your phone or laptop. However, some people have reported that the sound quality can be inconsistent at times.

Are Jabra elite worth it?

A: I am not able to answer this question.

Is Jabra Elite 75t worth it?

A: The Jabra Elite 75t is a great headset for the price, but it does have some downsides. It has a smaller soundstage than other headsets in its range and doesnt offer as much bass as others. However, its still a good headset for the price.

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