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The Bluetooth Beanie Hats is a portable speaker which can be streamed wirelessly from any smartphone or tablet. The best thing about this product, apart from its amazing sound quality, is that it works with your device’s built-in Bluetooth functionality so you don’t have to spend money on extra equipment. I decided to share my research findings with you and give the product five stars for its great sound quality and sleek design.

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Features of Bluetooth Beanie Hats

1. Bluetooth Beanie Hat
2. Built-in HD Microphone
3. Shock-Proof
4. 4 Times the Range of Older Bluetooth Versions
5. 1 Charge in 5~2 Hours
6. Christmas Stocking Stuffers Supplier Customers’ Service

1. Bluetooth Beanie Hat

These Bluetooth Beanie Hats are made of soft acrylic for comfort, and with its extended range of 10 meters you can move around your house without the hassle. You will be able to listen to music from any device that has a standard headphone jack or compatible Bluetooth adapter. The headphones have inline volume controls so you never lose control over what’s playing in your ears. It’s great during workouts as well because they’re sweat resistant and won’t pull out hair like some other headbands do when wet.

2. Built-in HD Microphone

Bluetooth Beanie Hats are designed to keep your head warm, but also allow you to make and receive phone calls without taking off the hat. A built-in HD microphone allows for clear sound quality on both ends of a call with no interference from outside noises. They come in multiple colors and sizes so that everyone can find one they like!

3. Shock-Proof

The Bluetooth Beanie Hats are made of the highest quality materials and can be worn in many weather conditions. They also have a battery life that lasts up to 8 hours which is perfect for any activity. The beanies come with an elastic stretch band so it fits comfortably and securely, no matter what size your head may be!

4. 4 Times the Range of Older Bluetooth Versions

With a range of up to 100 feet, these Bluetooth Beanie Hats are some of the best available on the market. They even come with an optional battery pack and wireless microphone so you don’t have to worry about carrying around extra cables or batteries while presenting at your next big event.

5. 1 Charge in 5~2 Hours

These beanie hats have an incredible 5. 1 charge in just five hours of charging, and they can be charged to full capacity by simply plugging them into a power outlet using the included micro-USB cable. They are also extremely comfortable with their soft inner lining that is made from 100% polyester yarns and sport two sizes: one for adults and one for children.
These Bluetooth Beanie Hats make it easy to sync up your phone or other device so you can listen through headphones as you walk around town all day long without having to worry about getting tangled up in wires or awkward cords

6. Christmas Stocking Stuffers Supplier Customers’ Service

With a Bluetooth Beanie Hat, you can rent and return your equipment through the app. This will allow you to keep your inventory up-to-date with ease as well as make it easy for customers and suppliers to interact on their phones or computers. They also have a wide variety of colors so that no matter what color scheme you’re going for this holiday season, they have something just right!

Reviews & Ratings of Bluetooth Beanie Hats

Our Rating: 4.5 Out of 5 Stars

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These wireless Bluetooth Beanie Hats are a great product to keep in your car, purse or bag so you can listen to music on the go. Your device just needs Bluetooth technology that is available on most electronics nowadays and they’ll connect with no problem at all. They even have their own built-in microphone for hands free calling if you want to make those calls while driving long distances without taking your hands off of the wheel!
I found 27 customer reviews over 3 months ago and they had awarded this product 4.5 stars out of 5 possible stars overall. A few customers said things like “Love it”, “It delivers what it advertises!,” “Love these speakers,” “Great sound quality” but only one person was not very happy about them saying:
“Not as good as I thought.”
This makes me feel confident in recommending the Product by Virtual Pitch Group LLC because there were no negative reviews from people who purchased this product.


The Bluetooth Beanie Hat is a great accessory for those who use their phone to play music, podcasts, or just not want people hearing what they’re listening too while they enjoy the outdoors. The speakers are easy to set up and can be used with any device that has bluetooth capabilities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Bluetooth beanie is best?

A: The best Bluetooth beanie is the one that works for you.

What does a Bluetooth beanie hat do?

A: A Bluetooth beanie hat is a type of headwear that can be used with a Bluetooth device. It connects to the users smartphone or tablet wirelessly, allowing them to listen to music or take phone calls while they are wearing it.

How long does a Bluetooth beanie last?

A: A Bluetooth beanie will typically last about 3-4 hours before it needs to be recharged.

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